Dr. Jim Garrow: Keeping Your Gutter Clean

Keeping Your Gutter Clean:

Dr. Jim Garrow

While I was working on the gutters around our roof some thoughts invaded my usual blank stare. Funny how work will do that to you. I digress. The function of the gutters is to take the overflow of the rain that hits our roofs and take it to a downspout so that it does no damage to our roofs or the building as a whole. It carries a lot of water and the responsibility that we place in these aluminum devices is great. They perform well for years and are hardly noticed, at least until some guck collects and prevents the flow of water and results in a torrent cascading down in mid gutter. At that point the gutter can really cause damage as the dam up of the water can infiltrate your soffit or even windows or doors if it runs across those as it exits the gutter on the way to the downspout.

We can certainly relate to the picture that a clean or a dammed up gutter can conjure up. When the gutter is clean you hardly notice the water, but when the gutter is blocked by gunk you really see the negative effects and if you don’t clear the blockage real damage can be done. The clogging up of that which is meant to take a blessed thing like water away when it comes down upon us in quantities is pretty much a good example of what sin does in our lives in interfering with Gods blessings flowing to us. Its not a perfect example but we can readily see what a blocked gutter can result in – damage. Sin will damage us unless we get it cleared from our lives. Keeping our gutters clear allows the overflow of blessing to be distributed elsewhere.

Sorry if this is not more profound but balancing myself on the roof while cleaning the gutters gave me a short pause to think of what would happen to our lives if things blocked up the necessary clearing of sin from them. Not a pretty sight and definitely something we need to keep clear of.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –