Dr. Jim Garrow: Its The Small Things That Really Matter

Its The Small Things That Really Matter:

Dr. Jim Garrow

As a child we learn very quickly that in order to move up to the big leagues we have to demonstrate our ability to handle the smaller things before larger responsibilities are handed to us. In the world of politics and finance those without a demonstrated ability to manage people and money either are not promoted pointedly or they are constantly passed over for those with a better handle on the skill sets needed.

Of late we have been treated to the unseemly trash talk of that less than stellar person of color who is only consistent in proving that if she had any class it would be very very low. Maxine Waters is the supreme example of a person lacking in taste, vocabulary and manners. Save your children from exposure to her unbridled classlessness, sour attitude and demagogic demeanour – change the channel or turn off the television, MW is the stuff of nightmares. Someone from her own party please stuff something in her mouth and end the spewing of her hate and arrogance. Do they not get embarrassed to be a part of what she oozes?

To anyone from her district I have to question your sanity, how could you pick her to represent you? Have you no couth? Do you want to be the laughing stock of the American electorate? She isn’t even a good joke. She is just reprehensible. Get rid of her – any way will do.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –