Dr. Jim Garrow: A Somber Soros

A Somber Soros:

Dr. Jim Garrow

There are many of us who are just wired such that we just don’t like to lose. We see the reactions of some however whose actions after losing are akin to the spoiled brat having a temper tantrum. The greats have always used failure as a bridge to analysis and ultimately to success that learned lessons can lead to.

Of late a name often bandied about in the fashion of a simile being called “the devil incarnate”, “Mr. Lucifer”, and so many more that are actually quite vile, racist or anti-semitic. If you were not aware that dear George has Jewish roots, then sit down and try to take the news civilly. Throwing the urn with Grandma’s ashes in it might be a tad over the line. For a man whose manipulations have led him to become a billionaire many times over to be so angry that even his security people beat a hasty retreat, says a lot about his frustrations. They are coming in waves thanks to the little bunny that could, the Everready bunny that just won’t stop. The President that we have put our trust in having endured 8 years of anti-Americanism arrogantly in our faces by that son of a gun Obama. But let me not digress, George is not liking the direction of things. He is also not liking the empty offices all across America that in the previous administration were occupied by his paid 5th column artists. You thought that Santa was looking over the list of who is naughty and nice – so are the minions hired in by President Trump. Poor George is losing his information sources quicker than the next hockey season arrives and the Toronto Maple Leafs have another losing season.

You will have to understand why George is so morose my friends. He is not used to losing. President Trump is teaching new lessons to the man who thought he had the world by the tail when Obama was in his pocket. Sorry, George, all bad things must end eventually, just ask your Nazi friends. Suck it up, you’re still breathing, for now.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –