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Okay, let’s get started:
With the underpinning of all liberal thought is that everything should be fair, and that people are inherently good, and they know better than everyone else as to how they should live, we’ll begin:
Ask one just how they, in detail, will STOP guns from coming INTO the country if they take away all our guns, and ask them if it will be as successful as stopping drugs, illegal and human trafficking. If there is no plan, then ask them if they always walk around with a sign that says, “shoot me” for the criminals. Oh, by the way, if by taking everyone’s guns you give the State all the monopoly on force, what makes you think it won’t use it? Oh, the constitution protects you? A sheet of paper won’t stop a bullet or a Billy club upside your naive skull. Perhaps when you’re finished eating Skittles out of the ass of your unicorn you can come back to reality as to how humans truly operate.
Ask a lawyer who thinks that, “why should anyone own assault rifles?”, then why do you drive a Mercedes or BMW? Cars still kill more people – so why should you own one? Besides, Reagan made owning real assault rifles illegal (unless registered) and everything else is a semi-automatic rifle or less? Do yourself a favor – stick to law, and leave firearms to those who are trained in them. It’s the lack of a monopoly of force that keeps corrupt men in government from fulfilling Shakespeare’s remark on lawyers….well, maybe not in the case of some ambulance chasers. After all, there are no rights in a dictatorship – as you should have learned from the history of law (You forgot the Magna Charta and why it was brought about didn’t you?). It was the armed Barons who brought King John to bear. What are you gonna do if you don’t allow people to be armed to stop future King Johns – threaten to sue? Will you file a tort against a drug lord who brought in AK-47’s and is making sure his turf isn’t bothered by folks like you? Oh, THAT will scare him…if he doesn’t die laughing in the first place.
Ask one if they are willing to let refugees and or illegals live in their home, eat all their food, sit around, and you provide them their welfare as “their right”. If they refuse, then you can call them a “racist hypocrite” to their face.
Ask one that if they think that contact with the Russians is “treason”, then wouldn’t Ted Kennedy’s asking for Soviet help in defeating Reagan in 1980, Clinton getting cash form the Chinese in the 90’s and now the other Clinton selling uranium to the very same Russians they paint as bad guys rather treasonous? If not, remind them that all the scrap metal we sold to Japan came back to us in 1941…so when all that uranium comes back to us in the same way, will you be happy?
Ask one just how if abortion is okay, then how can anyone really be charged with killing an unborn child? After all, it’s just a mass of cells, right? You can’t have it both ways and not be seen as either stupid or selective morality….if they have any at all.
Ask one if they think socialism is so great, then why are the Venezuelans allowing their kids to be prostitutes to get money to eat? Where’s THEIR human rights? Your silence means you approve of it, and since you approve of it, you’re part of the Socialist problem, which is hypocrisy squared. Still have not heard how Bernie and all those rich politicians and liberal actors are going to spread their wealth around to you….just ask the people who used to live under that: they will look at you as if you’re stupid, and they would be right.
There is no diversity in strength – it’s all unified for one purpose. There’s no strength in diversity if the diverse hold diverse positions, supporting some and undermining others. Proof? Just watch how the various liberal groups undermine each other. They often throw their own under the bus as fast as they get on board.
With half a nation that boo’ed God, is it any wonder why their crap is getting kicked? When it all comes down, and they really experience REAL communism, the gulags, the execution squads, and the squalid conditions of having a lot of nothing spread around for everyone, then they can thank that wonderful human nature they trusted instead of trusting God.

1. NOTHING in life is fair – if it was, there would be no Social Darwinism, a cherished belief of the liberal.
2. PEOPLE are not inherently good – that’s why our laws and morals come from religion that KNEW man generally was a no good low down sonofabitch that needed guidelines like the children they are. History proves it time and time again, but it’s the naiveté of the liberal that thinks, “Oh, this time will be different” – yet it never is. Talk about delusional. Maybe it’s why they hate history – it ruins their fantasy.
3. WITH the claim they know better, one has to ask, then why is violence so much easier for them to go to than a conservative? Simple – look at the root word of Conservative: conserve. It’s what we do – many of us conserve money, gas, nature, laws that make sense. The champions of communism, socialism and fascism call themselves progressives, but they recommend a system which is characterized by rigid observance of routine and by a resistance to every kind of improvement. They call themselves liberals, but they are intent upon abolishing liberty for anyone not pledged to the cult Liberalism. They call themselves Democrats, yet they yearn for a dictatorship. They call themselves revolutionaries, but they want to make the government omnipotent in every way imaginable. They promise the blessings of the Garden of Eden yet the results are simply more unsustainable debt that will eventually enslave our progeny. They plan to transform the world into a gigantic post office, every man but one a subordinate clerk in a giant bureau. Modern ctrl-left Progressive Liberalism is a serious and dangerous mental disorder.
4. How do we solve it? When the vets all get fed up with the crap from the children and kick their ever-lovin asses to the curb and exile them to all those wonderful countries they hold in such high regard…remember, there’s 16 MILLION of us, and not counting all the other trained people (+/- another 20 million) who have just about had enough of this shit as well. Just because you turn out brain dead college grads who can’t even remember our history doesn’t mean the rest of us are brain dead like you professors.

Drew Pooters

Passion for history, justice and liberty for all. Political correctness is that you can speak your mind, yet ignore those who don't agree with you; it's what good people die for every day- the right for all voices to be heard, regardless of message What can I say? A Generalist in the land of Specialists! USAF Veteran 1983 - 1997, Desert Storm and Somalia, will call things what they are, and not avoid facts. FAVORITE QUOTES "Either lead, follow or get the hell out of my Goddamned way!" -George S. Patton 

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