Brexit Battle As Record 1.8 Million Muslim Migrants Entered European Union Last Year

Brexit: The record figure prompted more calls last night for Britain to get out of the EU.

Anti-Brussels Brexit campaigners said the growing flood of illegal Muslim crossings shows just how porous Europe’s borders have become. Vote Leave and Ukip insisted the United Kingdom can only control numbers of arrivals if it ditches EU bureaucracy in the referendum on June 23.

A report by border security agency Frontex revealed the shock figures.

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of Vote Leave, said: “The EU is an outdated institution and is incapable of solving the global problems that it faces. Britain pays £350 million a week to Brussels and is rewarded by losing control of its borders.

“The only safe option in light of the EU’s inability to deal with the migrant crisis is to vote leave.”

Battle over Brexit: Live debate on air

Steven Woolfe, Ukip’s migration spokesman, blamed German Chancellor Angela Merkel for waving in hundreds of thousands of migrants.

He said: “For those who of us who have to follow the migration issue on a professional basis these numbers and issues have been well understood for some time.

“Now even the EU’s own border security force are speaking up about the disruptive and violent ramifications for the peace of Europe’s towns and cities of Mrs Merkel’s disastrous open-door policies.

“The long-term effects of this level of migration on the UK are startling. “After five years, migrants accepted in EU countries on the Continent have the right to settle here under EU free movement of people rules.

“Unless the British people vote to Leave the EU on June 23, the consequences for Britain will be dire.” Leave.EU spokesman Jack Montgomery added: “The EU Border Agency’s risk analysis is grim reading.

“Prevented by Free Movement rules from carrying out extensive background checks on EU nationals, we are now in clear danger from European Islamists.

“They are free to establish UK terror cells after slipping through the porous external border.”

Frontex said the 1.82 million migrants figure was six times that in 2014 – which was itself a record – and resulted from refugees fleeing the Middle-East.

Officials warned that the influx from countries like Syria made Britain and its European neighbours more vulnerable to terrorism. And they said Syrians accounted for most new arrivals as Islamic State terror has displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

Frontex echoed warnings about terrorists smuggling themselves into Europe among genuine refugees. Two jihadis behind last November’s Paris massacres are thought to have travelled as refugees.

David Cameron was censured yesterday after he compared British voters backing a Brexit to the victims of self-harm.

He was accused of being “crass” by using mental health issues to push the Remain camp’s “Project Fear” campaign. Star Anderton, Ukip’s disability spokeswoman, said: “He should withdraw the comment and apologise for his unpalatable remark.” source

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