The Amazing Nutritional Powerhouse of Apple Cider Vinegar

You will find, after several months of ACV and honey cocktail taken 3 times daily that the stiffness and misery will be gone from your joints and body.

“And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”Genesis 1:29 (KJV)

The powerful apple. Research worldwide supports and commends what Hippocrates the father of medicine found and treated his patients with in 400 B.C. He found that natural, undistilled Apple Cider Vinegar – otherwise known as ACV – is a powerful cleansing and healing elixir, “a naturally occurring antibiotic and antiseptic that fights germs and bacteria” for a healthier, stronger, longer life.

The versatility of Apple Cider Vinegar as a powerful body cleansing agent is legendary. It’s been traced to Egyptian urns as far back as 3000 B.C. The Babylonians used it as a condiment and preservative, while Julius Caesar’s army used ACV tonic to stay healthy and fight off disease. The Greeks and Romans kept vinegar vessels for healing and flavoring. It was used in Biblical times as an antiseptic and a healing agent and is mentioned in the Bible. In Paris during the Middle Ages, it was sold from barrels by street vendors as a body deodorant, healing tonic and a health vinegar drink. source – Bragg

Apple Cider Vinegar’s Amazing Health Benefits

• Heartburn

1 tablespoon of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in 4 ounces of purified water after a meal has been used as a natural remedy for heartburn and as a replacement for toxic heartburn medications.

• Constipation

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar may help improve bowel irregularity, thereby removing toxins from the body at a faster rate.

• Cholesterol Levels

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar will help normalize your cholesterol levels by washing your bloodstream with the high potassium and magnesium levels it contains, as well as the fiber found in the apple pectin which binds to cholesterol and removes it.

• Weight Loss

Apple Cider Vinegar helps to break down fats so that your body can use them rather than store them. For this reason, many diets include ACV in their regimen.

• Natural Antibacterial and Antiviral Agent

Apple Cider Vinegar kills bacteria and virus lurking in your system by restoring the natural acid-alkaline balance in your body. All disease exists in an acid-heavy internal environment, and ACV will work to restore a healthy balance.

• Stops Gout Pain

Apple Cider Vinegar on a daily basis will remove gout pain in even the worst of conditions and cases. We personally know many people who have started an ACV regimen and are now pain free.

A Perfect Food

Natural (undistilled) organic, raw ACV can really be called one of the world’s most perfect foods. It is made from fresh, crushed apples which are then allowed to mature naturally in wooden barrels, as wood seems to “boost” the natural fermentation. Natural ACV should be rich, brownish color and if held to the light you might see a tiny formation of “cobweb-like” substances that we call the “mother.”

Usually some “mother” will show in the bottom of the ACV bottle the more it ages. It never needs refrigeration. You can also save some “mother” and transfer it to work in other natural vinegars. When you smell natural ACV, there’s a pungent odor and sometimes it’s so ripened it puckers your mouth and smarts your eyes. These are natural, good signs.

You will find, after several months of ACV and honey cocktail taken 3 times daily that the stiffness and misery will be gone from your joints and body. You will discover you can walk or run up several flights of stairs without any effort and pain. You will notice that you look and feel younger!

Many people have some preconceived idea that Apple Cider Vinegar is harmful to the body. However, it is actually the distilled, pasteurized, filtered, malt and synthetic dead vinegars that must be avoided for human consumption.

Let us assure you that there is nothing in this wonderful, organic, raw ACV that can in any way harm your body.

How To Take: Two tablespoons in a glass of cold, distilled water taken daily is recommended. I personally take it with unsweetened fruit juice and a dash of club soda to give it more of a punch and a better taste. Some people add a spoonful of honey or agave.

NOTE: We have personally used Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar for many years and have found it to be the best and most powerful. NTEB receives no financial benefit for this endorsement.


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