The Message that the Left Don’t Want Heard

By Dr. Jim Garrow

Dr. Jim Garrow

Dr. Jim Garrow

The dreaded message that the left are in abject fear of hearing is one that they are actually headed for making a reality. It is the summation and “final solution” to all totalitarians. After the initial purges of the media (all right-wing voices are silenced), the education system (only marxist/muslim/anti-Christian voices are heard), the political system (Marxist mantra only), and the economic systems collapse and sovereignty of the Republic is rendered moot, they are ready.

For those whose memory has not been purged, the Nazis and commies final solution was to round the Jews and Christians up along with any free thinkers and put us into concentration camps (read extermination camps) FEMA style camps, and one by one eliminate the effective voices of opposition. That will happen in America but there is one major fear that Obama and crew have and that is that the gun owners will start eliminating them one by one. You get it don’t you, the messaging has been that we don’t dare do anything or “the powers that be” will declare martial law and the end will begin. They want us living in fear that we (if we do anything violent) will start the final solution. They want us, the victims, to see ourselves as perpetrators, and allow our consciences to hold us back from responding as we should. The ultimate manipulation is to use us against us. Smart, devious and effective. That is until someone who is a strategist decides to start picking off the marxists, the purgers, the bought and paid for politicians, the sold out media, the seared conscience educators and the abusers of the Constitution and the Rule of law bastards. Then righteous fear will grip them as it should.

Bet you weren’t expecting this summation now were you. But I see the end game and you and I are dead in it. Either like sheep, silently led to the slaughter or gamely fighting them in guerrilla actions that send fear and confusion into their ranks. Keep your powder dry and prepare for the inevitable. For the bold, now is the time to start taking it battle to the enemy. Light your candles and break the pitchers that hold back the light and attack the enemy, the God of Joshua is with you.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

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