Long, Slow Death Rattle

Written by Jeff Ganaposki and reprinted with permission.

Synopsis: America was always a target.

The establishment of a cooperative institution to help secure rights from predation is the basis for any “government.” The use of that collective power to defend against evil doers is generally an acceptable tradeoff for the inherent dangers of such an institution. When government strays from “securing rights,” to governing and controlling, there begins the end of liberty and freedom.

The subset of people who form governments are often infiltrated by those who see government as a tool for acquiring power and wealth, at the expense of others. When a government is lax in self-regulation, it becomes a veritable candy store to the “Takers.” To prevent that, many governments restricted the admission of candidates to those who demonstrated civic duty and self discipline. In America’s case, the original requirements for a citizen were fairly strenuous : property owner, obligated to serve in the militia (17 – 45), perform mandatory civic duties, and pay taxes. In short, he surrendered his absolute rights to life, liberty and property, in order to serve the public at large.

This slowly changed with the relaxation of strenuous requirements for citizenship and voting. As the pool of obligated, obedient, tax paying parties grew, so did the power of those who gained public office. In time, the privilege of citizenship mutated into the right of citizenship, in the minds of the people. This culminated in

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the acceptance of citizenship at birth – which was ironic – since involuntary servitude was banned by the 13th amendment, while the 14th imposed it for those “born within the jurisdiction of the United States…” If one can be born obligated to perform civic duties, one is not free, by any stretch of the vocabulary.

With the creation of a subject populace within a nation of voluntary subjects, came unusual legal standards such as segregation – “separate but equal” legal status. It involved mistreatment, presumed to be based on race, but the underlying legal reason was ignoble as well. The government created a class of subjects, who were beholden to it for their protection and prosperity in a hostile climate of distrust and fear.

The next giant leap downward was due to the influence of the collectivists, who went by many names : “Progressives, NeoLiberals, Marxists, Socialists, etc.” Their credo could be reduced to a simple goal – abolition of private property. In the majority of the world’s nations, that only meant the collective State holding dominion over lands, resources, and all the means of production for the necessities and luxuries of life. But in America, abolishing private property meant something more sinister.

Thanks to the Declaration of Independence, Americans were not subjects of government, but beneficiaries of it. Their rights preceded the creation of the governments, instituted to secure their rights. And only by consent, did American governments step outside of that narrow scope of delegated power.

If you grasp the enormity of that concept, you will realize why America is unique among the nations of the world. For only Americans absolutely own themselves, their labor, their property and all that they acquire by lawful means. They are not exercising a government granted privilege, nor can the government claim the “right” to govern them or their lands. Only by consent, do Americans descend from sovereign to subject status.

Well, if you are a collectivist, this is unacceptable. A nation of sovereigns prospering and inciting other peoples to revolt against submission cannot be tolerated. America delenda est! (Poaching from the Latin)

American values, culture, and cohesion must be utterly destroyed. All memory of the republican form, of American individual sovereignty, and inalienable rights must be eradicated from the collective consciousness of the American people. And the mere thought that one could ABSOLUTELY own must be utterly erased. Everyone who thinks it acceptable to have the “sovereign right” to execute trespassers must be pilloried and shamed!

Generations have lived under the socialist yoke, believing that it was “normal” for government to regulate and tax property ownership, retail trade, vocations, and a host of other former sacred rights that were now privileges. Few have any idea that there was once a time when America governments were meek servants, and not arrogant masters from whom permission must be sought before daring to enter any new enterprise or vocation.

Ironically, in the one nation that proclaims a republican form, not one in 100,000 Americans know what it is. Nor can they accurately define it. Many presume it to mean the constitutionally limited indirect democratic form – “the republic.” However, that is incorrect. If a constitution could create a republican form, any one of the other nations on earth could have a republican form. But there is only one. And it is on the threshold of dissolution, a victim of apathy, ignorance and arrogance of its people. And dying America is a victim of the foreign and domestic predators who have patiently worked to destroy the most dangerous threat to their dominion of the world.

What a pity.

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