Tyson Foods: Are You Serious???

0A funny thing happened to me while perusing through tweets for The Daily Digest.  We received a response to an aggregated article entitled Tyson Foods dumps more than 18 million pounds of toxic chemicals into America’s waterways each year

Their response on Twitter was:

@TheDailyDigest Tyson is accountable to permits we have to release water after it’s treated to EPA standards. bit.ly/1oitsnw

Really?  Does corporate today really think that we the people are the simple, trusting people of the 1950’s?  It wasn’t even good enough to be condescending. So Tyson Foods responds with this canned monotony of moronic garbage, and they expect that anyone will swallow it?  Well, no, not us, and hopefully not the rest of you, either.tyson-evil

Tyson Foods has been at the forefront of, well, nothing good for many years now.  They own the EPA. They are known for their dumping of chemical and biological garbage into our waterways for decades now. Be it chemicals, or hormones to enhance their profits, it really doesn’t matter to the corporate structure,  They will dump, and you will buy.

But the times are a changin’. We the people are becoming more and more empowered and knowledgeable about these things.  And as we do become, we will refuse to buy this carcinogenic garbage, and will change to those products that will keep us healthy.

As I always say, you can spend your money on food now, or medicine later.  Your choice.

Tyson employees: take care of your parents.

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