The Fallacy of Authority

There is a fallacy that has been used against us for the ages. This fallacy has proven to be powerful in how it has made us subservient to those that portray themselves as “authority figures” in our lives, and from childhood we have always been taught to respect, or serve, those in authority.  The indoctrination starts very early, when we begin to attend school, then continues on throughout our lives, with ongoing reinforcement through mainstream media.



I remember a time when politicians referred to themselves as “Representatives”.  Seems this was also around the time that Law Enforcement referred to themselves as being there to “Protect and Serve”, but not carry the mantra that they are to “Enforce the Law”.  That is for another article.  These days the politicians want to be referred to as our “leaders”, which they are not.  How arrogant they are to have tried to take on this fallacious badge, and how ignorant We the People were to have allowed it.

Back to the point: Does any man have any real authority over any other man?  The answer is a qualified “NO”.  In order to have authority over another, you have to have agreement of the other.  Without that, there can be no authority.  You can have the appearance of authority in that the person who has the bigger gun can take control of the actions of the other, but you can never force someone to do anything against their will, unless the subservient person has given over their sovereignty and capitulated to the person in perceived authority.  It all depends on how much pain we are willing to go through – either physical or intellectual.

In all actuality, no one has control or authority over anyone else.  From a spiritual standpoint, we are all individuals, given our right to exist from a much higher place than anyone here on Earth holds.  We were given individuality and self-governance.  We are told to obey the law of the land, but if those laws are diametrically opposed to the higher laws that we adhere to, then they are moot.  We are told to “give Cesar his due” with regards to taxes, but if we do a bit of thinking, and define what “Cesar is due”, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come to the conclusion that Cesar is demanding much, much, more than he is due.

There seems to be only a few places where the pseudo-authoritarians can exert their control over us.  They have the Banking Cartels in their pocket, and therefore control the value of our money, the value of our labors.  They now have the military and militarized police forces in their pockets, too.  Don’t pay the taxes they demand and claim you own them?  The I.R.S. calls on their banking arm to seize your accounts.  Don’t act as the pseudo-authoritarians want you to?  They call on their local enforcement arm, the police, to beat you, kill you, or at the least, arrest you.  They already have complete control over our monetary system, and we have all seen what the banking/military arms will do in other countries when the leaders there refuse to suck from the teat of their banker gods.



The second place where they can take control, is over our own power to protect ourselves.  They must disarm us before they will be able to take complete control.  If we are armed, and the banking cartels collapse our monetary system, or whatever else they have planned, we will still be in a place where we can take control of our country and our lives.  As we have all read, Hitler infamously once said, “to conquer a nation, you must first disarm its citizens”. Stalin, Mao, Castro and many other leaders knew this.  Most recently we witnessed the totalitarian efforts of our Fascist local and federal police forces (would you have ever though there would be federal police operating our our shores?) in Nevada where the federales were attempting to steal property and land that they had no rights to.  If it weren’t for a Mr. Cliven Bundy, and his patriotic stance, and all the patriots that backed him, these federal troops would have once again run ripshod over the rights of sovereign citizens. obama-guns-hypocriteThe pseudo-authoritarians were put down, and their takeover was incomplete – for now.  Be sure that they will continue to whittle away and our rights and individual sovereignty until they have us all bound by the invisible shackles of the fear they promote.

In short, we have God-given right to ourselves.  To our thoughts, our deeds, our futures.  We can adhere to a higher set of rules, and have no real need for the piles of laws, [illegal] regulations, and rules imposed upon us. We have no need to some man somewhere to think up his sense of reality and attempt to impose it on the rest of us. If we stick to a few simple ideas, like we have the God-given right to protect ourselves and the duty to not hurt each other, then who are these seudo-authoritarians to tell us anything?  Answer: They are only who we allow them to be,

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