Planned Parenthood: Spending Millions of Tax Payer Dollars for Their Politics

Planned Parent hood has long-been a bastion of controversy.  Between their advocacy of late-term abortions and their questionable ethics in many areas, the management, or perhaps mismanagement, of the organization seems to have them in the spotlight over and over.


Later term abortion mortality rate

According to an article on, “There are at least 15,000 children killed in the later stages of pregnancy each year and according to the abortionists themselves, the majority are for elective reasons, not due to fetal abnormality. Dr. Martin Haskell, the pioneer of the “partial-birth abortion” procedure brought this issue to the attention of the nation, when he said that 80 percent of the abortions he performed this way were purely elective.  Only 20 percent involved fetal defects.“, and this doesn’t include how many fatalities there are for the mothers.

It is no simply task to murder 15,000 children.  It takes a concerted effort between many people, along with many millions of tax dollars to accomplish.  One could argue that the $36,133.00 per child that our money represents could have gone towards finding a good home for these children, but in a day and age where babies carry no value, I suppose that is too much to ask.

Although Planned Parenthood received over $542 million in taxpayer dollars in their 2011-2012, the management seemed to think that it was somehow a good idea to spend our money on their political objectives.  Lately they have been pumping money into a smear campaign, spending $1.1 million on a new anti-Ken Cuccinelli ad.  Smear tactic for money?  Sure is, but what else is new with these types of left-wing extremists organizations that spend tax payer money to fund their Socialist systems.

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