Murder From the Skies: Raining down terror from our military with drone strikes

By TheEditor

As our dollar collapses, as our educational system falls farther and farther into decay, as our bridges fall into dangerous disrepair and our nuclear power plants grow dangerously close to their end-of-life, we as a nation continue to be successful at two things – taxing and killing.  Taxing our own population to the point of bankruptcy with such “necessities” as Predator and Reaper drones cost about $2,500-3,500 per flight hour and larger armed systems such as the military’s Global Hawk cost about 10 times as much at



approximately $30,000 per flight hour.  All of this, and we imprison more people, mostly nonviolent offenders, than any other country in the world, but that is a story for another article.

As one called our drone murder program, “state-sanctioned extra-judicial executions”, this would be a good title for them.  With how our past and current administrations have stripped the Constitution and Bill of Rights, these executions seem to not only to be legal, but also to be a tool that our current president uses quite often.

Just this year there have been hundreds of innocent victims of drone attacks.  It is also said that for every known terrorist killed, there are 49 innocent people murdered.  Even if you could legally justify flying 6000 miles away from our shores, and into another country’s air space to kill a “terrorist”, it boggles the mind to understand how our representatives can justify the murder of innocents to further their agendas.

Perusing the Net, it is not difficult to find a multitude of pictures of the dead from these attacks.  Many of them are women and children.  In a recent article exposing the tyrannical manner in which our past and current presidents have wielded their power to murder, one source revealed to The Daily Digest that, “Between 1,990 and 3,308 people are reported to have been killed in the drone strikes in Pakistan since



2004, the vast majority of them during the Obama terms.”, and these numbers may be on the low side.  In fact in the past 12 months, of the 95 drone strikes, only 43 were aimed at al-Qaeda.  And of the 482 assassinated, 265 were not even defined as the enemy. This does not take into account the collateral damage, or murders as we prefer to call them.  Of those numbers, only two percent of them were the alleged al-Qaeda leaders.  So many murdered for so few of what our own government considers to be legal assassinations.

With all of this, you might think that the American people would be outraged at the actions of the current administration much the same as a lot of us were outraged by past administrations.  As it seems from a recent poll, 65% of the American people are in favor of launching air strikes in other countries to kill suspected terrorists.  We in America are supposed to be a bastion of morals and kindness.  With all our



morals and kindness, we certainly appear to enjoy reelecting the same murderous politicians into office over and over, allowing them to continue to terrorize innocent people in other countries.  Makes one wonder who the terrorists really are.

I also wonder how we Americans would feel about drones from another country flying over our heads.  I wonder how fearful we would be not knowing of that faint noise we were hearing overhead was just about to launch a missile at us that we would have no chance of escaping the wrath of.


Next in our exposé of murder by drone, we will look at how drones flying over American soil can, and perhaps will, be used for nefariousness.

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