OPPOSITE CONSCIOUSNESS –Part 6, The Fear Control Loop concluding the series

By Erik Garcés


Part 6, The Fear Control Loop concluding the series


I’m going to take you deep into the rabbit’s hole. This is NOT for the unaware, i.e., the sheep who are still asleep. It may even go over the heads of some of those who are awake. As always, don’t take my word for it: Do your own 526456_10200546641499005_1501223161_nresearch and draw conclusions that make logical sense to you.

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There is a tremendous amount of debate over firearms rights, and proposed legislation for what advocates call “gun control.” I’m not trying to repeat what’s already going on in the echo chamber. There are plenty of unawakened people who are well enough informed to successfully fight that battle. Nor will I analyze the serious psy-op being conducted in the aftermath of the school shooting in Connecticut.

In my ever-continuing quest to enlighten as many people as possible to use their own mind to think for themselves, I am offering here an opposite consciousness analysis of what’s really going on in a larger sense.

The system absolutely must not permit you to think outside of their controlled argument. It’s always been framed in the confines of Democrat vs. Republican and their associated value systems.

Let us never forget that the purpose of the modern monopolized press is not to inform but to generate and maintain the consent of the governed, mostly by promoting the premise that the State is necessary and benevolent.

We’re fed endless debate over policy and personalities but we’re never permitted to discuss the source of the problems: the system itself.

The monopoly media is reporting these stories from within the confines of the false Left/Right paradigm and is ignoring the written purpose of the 2nd Amendment by attempting to frame the debate as one of crime and an irrational fear of violence.

We see endless discussions from collectivists insisting that citizens do not “need” military type weapons for hunting or self defense – the system’s accepted purpose for your irrational desire to own firearms.

So called assault weapons are evil and unnecessary, therefore only the police should be thus armed. The so-called Right counters that gun bans do nothing but make crime worse and that citizens must be able to defend themselves, with these weapons if need be.

Both are false premises because the 2nd Amendment was clearly written as an individual right so that citizen’s militias would be independent of the State, a counter-balance the founders left us to prevent what has arisen: a State monopoly in the legitimate use of force; a doomsday provision that would never be needed until the State tried to take it.

Despite a great many citizens of this country either misunderstanding or in utter denial of the reality we face, intrinsically people DO understand that something is wrong with the federal government.

It drives the statist crazy that no matter how emotional or loud their argument, no matter how much ink the monopoly press spills in this crusade of theirs on the issue of guns, Americans have resisted attempts at manipulation and consistently rejected gun control in the only way which matters. Firearms sales are at record setting levels for over four years now, with the re-election of bankster-puppet Barack Obama sending those numbers even higher yet.

In a poll released last week, the Pew Institute found that a majority of Americans find the government threatens their rights. You’ll note how the media will push this information into the confines of the false Left/Right argument. But let’s take this to the next logical step where you won’t find TV reporting.

If you wanted a specific remedy to a problem only YOU perceived (it stood as an impediment to your goals) what’s there to prevent you from deliberately creating or even just overstating a problem to provide you with the desired solution?

The false premise of gun control in America stems from a manufactured need. Promoted by utopian social engineers and assisted by honest and well meaning fools – it’s utterly based upon evil intent by the societal manipulators at the top. The prime reason anyone wishes to disarm others is so that they may impose their will without consequence.

Individual liberty cannot coexist where a monopoly on the legitimate use of force is demanded. What annoys the confiscators most is that for the first time in human history, firearms stand as an effective means to allow an individual to successfully resist the will of the collective.

When looked at carefully, logically and with the full spectrum of history applied, it can then be seen for the contrivance it is. The reason so many Americans still fail to see this is that they aren’t taught to think logically or question power, and fewer yet understand real history and basic human nature.

Most of modern society’s problems are not new, save a few relating to technology. People don’t change, it is what it is. The founding fathers understood this well – that the basic application of human psychology always drives the issue. Once we understand this and clearly look at history we can see the rapid rise of crime in America was fostered to provoke a predetermined response: The weakness of dependence.

We rely on the State to protect us from criminals. Our children are conditioned this way while they are held hostage in prisons cleverly disguised as schools where the State strips away their creativity and replaces it with obedience training.

Our adults are so Pavlovian that they bleat like sheep for security that doesn’t (and cannot ever) exist. We’ve been slowly conditioned to this for nearly 100 years.

We’ve stopped holding ourselves responsible for our own lives and safety and have been instead taught to blame society for our problems, to look to the government for solutions, for our personal protection, and even sustenance.

Meanwhile, there is a tremendous body of Supreme Court case law which demonstrates reality: The police do not have any duty whatsoever to protect an individual. Indeed, there is a law suit pending right now in disarmed New York where City lawyers are claiming that they do not have a legal obligation to protect a citizen. Not to mention, this foolhardy reliance is based on a response which at best, takes several minutes to “rescue” you.

In places such as NYC or Chicago, your natural right of self defense has even been criminalized. You MUST dial 911 for a government sanctioned application of violence, or defend yourself and risk jail.

Indeed, the modern concept of a police department is an entirely new one which would seem foreign and tyrannical to the founding fathers. This is the Standing Army the founders warned us about, not the actual US Army.

For what legitimate purpose do small town cops need armored personnel carriers and full auto machine guns? This type of nonsense is counter to natural law, and its corrosive effects stand among others such as:

[] The banning of substances and devices which creates an illicit market and criminal underground to provide them.

[] A criminal justice system which grossly punishes relatively innocent mistakes to extract revenue and lightly punishes hard core criminals who cannot provide funds into the system.

[] The easy availability of supportive funds to promote the disintegration of the family unit and create dependency.

[] Policies and taxes which destroy businesses and employment.

These and many other factors have contributed to the current state of moral and economic decay that the Republic now suffers from. It’s shocking to think that so many people have been successfully conditioned to violate their instincts and believe this absurdity – that the best way to protect themselves and their family is to rely on a phone call for an armed public employee to protect you from an armed criminal.

Sigmund Freud said that “most people don’t really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”

By creating this dependence on the State, we as individuals have abdicated our natural responsibility for self preservation. The police, as public servants cannot possibly be everywhere at once. Thus more cops equals more crime; the aforementioned cities stand as stark proof of this.

Dependence is an easy sell when the majority does not place value on individual rights and fails to understand history. That dependence on others breeds their contempt and forces your subservience.

If we step back and realize that all of these factors are relatively new, and that each of these violates natural law by contradicting logical and time proven human experience, then the result should be apparent when all of them are taken together in context.

Humanity is 10,000 years old. Nature doesn’t change; there are no new societal problems. Facing life without understanding this means you’ll have to relearn from your own mistakes. It’s cheaper to learn from the errors others have made.

When you can control the understanding of history, you can control the perception of the present. Using state-run schools and a monopoly-controlled media, it was relatively easy for close to a century for the system to get away with this.

It’s very difficult for the independent thinker to see through the Matrix when despite the ample evidence that’s freely and publicly available, NONE OF IT is put together in a concise and conclusively illustrated format.

YOU yourself must connect the dots. You will not ever, EVER find the apparatchiks doing that for you, including the pied pipers of the Right on talk radio.

Since we know that these prompting factors were engineered by the same people in relatively the same time frame, and that troubles are often contrived to direct a predetermined outcome, then human nature and history should make it clear what the consequences of these actions were going to be.

The next question becomes: Why would they do these destructive things and at the same time? I would suggest that as in much of life, we ask the question this way:

Qui bono? Latin for, “Who benefits”?

The control-freaks have decisively lost their propaganda war for your emotions in a controlled argument that was meant to be unresolvable. However, it still served them to divide and distract along partisan lines, similar to gay marriage, abortion and such.

Reason and fact make no difference to the opponents in emotional debates. All the combatants can think of is what the subject makes them “feel.” Reality is dismissed because the emotions are too powerful to be overcome with logic.

There’s no possible winner or loser because they’re solely based upon point of view. With facts being irrelevant to subjective arguments, there can never be a conclusive ending.

Like, beauty being in the eye of the beholder: Ford vs. Chevy, Pittsburgh Steelers or Dallas Cowboys.

By fostering this environment where inanimate objects are seen as problems and not human behavior (or the connection to psychotropic drugs), it becomes easier to position the idea that gun control is logical when it’s emphatically not.

Just as the national debate was successfully changed from the evils of socialism vs. free markets to what degree of socialism is tolerable, the Statist wishes to change the argument from the evil of crime vs. self defense to the evil of civilian ownership of firearms vs. a state monopoly on the legitimate use of force.

But it goes deeper than that. The master manipulators never do anything for just one reason. That’s far too transparent. The next easy answer is the law enforcement/prison industrial complex – private for profit prisons, police unions and the like.

But that’s too superficial and essentially unimportant to the larger goal of the one world crowd. Then perhaps the real answer is a disarmed population?

There is no possible way that this government can ever confiscate even half the guns. The entire peace process in Northern Ireland hinged on 800 rifles that the IRA refused to give up.

Does anyone realistically think it’s possible to remove 200 million plus guns from the hands of an outraged populace?


So then let’s look at what IS going on.

Paul von Hindenberg said “war is the health of the state” as it thrives on conflict. Readers should understand by now that all governance is by consent of the governed and that anything we see in the controlled media is designed to generate that consent.

The criminals in government and their financial masters MUST find a way to retain the consent of the governed – to retain the image of being benevolent and necessary – to refute the rapidly disseminating knowledge of reality. The growing awareness of America’s financial problems created by the criminal banking cartel tend to unite people of all political persuasions.

So we see gun control, a topic specifically chosen to take advantage of the publicity generated by these tragic shootings in public places. Gun control, which is known to divide people along partisan and ideological lines, and which is promoted by a corporate monopoly media which conveniently avoids mention that psychotropic drugs played a part in nearly every incident.

As the larger systemic issues created by the fiat monetary system become more and more difficult to conceal, the system will need new distractions, new scapegoats, and new emotionally-charged arguments. And gun control is a topic that many Americans will not tolerate further encroachments upon their rights, as provocative an issue as it gets. But I’ll get to that in a moment.

For the longest time I persisted in following the daily shows on talk radio, TV news and the like. As soon as I realized that it was all propaganda, I stopped. Then I found myself under the spell of a new and even more sophisticated mind control.

How is it possible that we see stories in the media about massive and unusual government ammunition purchases? From where are all these pieces on indefinite civilian detention, warrantless wiretapping, drone strikes on US citizens, and a Presidential kill list coming?

It’s not great reporting or a conscientious insider leaking them to the press, or even the bumbling idiocy of the actors involved. Though those factors play relevant parts, the reality is different: THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW.

Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, Ben Swann and others are allowed to flourish publishing accurate information because they promote the fear loop. Control via fear, and as Lenin said, the best way to control the opposition is to lead it. Accurate, because all good lies need an element of truth.

One of the reasons I stopped listening to Jones was that it was too damn depressing.

Why would a criminal government want its activities exposed like this?

Much of the “truth” we are finding online is promoted. We are being fed more and more news of the criminal and tyrannical acts of this government. There’s 9/11 truth, chem.-trails, the rise of the police state, and now Sandy Hook truth: All these things are common subjects in the alternative media and for people new to them, they hold your rapt attention.

They consume you with fear and a pressing desire to share that with all those whom you care about, so as to prepare for them for the coming “apocalypse,” making you look like a raving lunatic in the process.

The awakened are being manipulated with fear and divided from the herd of sheep with ridicule and accusation. So that the sheeple might reject us (the same way school children are merciless in their shunning of kids who are different), we’re being steered into yet another dialectic with our own awareness being used against us. Fear is a potent tool. Focused by powerful weapons that the controllers, those so called elites who pull the levers of power, fund via their endless supply of fiat currency. There are numerous think tanks dedicated to study of the human condition. It’s an endless task of using science to discover new ways of using the minds of the oppressed as the most potent tool of the oppressor.

Do a quick online search for the term “Tavistock” and you’ll find just one of these organizations dedicated to using psychology to control populations. Look into the books written by Dr. John P. Holdren, or Dr. Cass Sunstein – both of whom are high ranking commissars in this criminal government – and you will be shocked at the social manipulation for which these men advocate.

After I understood the sophisticated methods of the psy-ops being directed at the American people, I realized it was all about maintaining the collective for as long as possible.

Now, I understand that only by withdrawal of consent to be governed would the death and debt paradigm end, but it was when it dawned upon me that fear and love are of two opposite consciousnesses that it made complete sense.

Fewer than 1/3 of the potential voters in the US elected this president and his actions have been such that he’s becoming widely seen as illegitimate. The criminals MUST have their civil war before enough realize the scam and refuse to participate.

Waking up just as quick are the police and military; without their minions, the State’s power will slip away as law enforcement, soldiers and Marines refuse to obey. Hence the breakneck speed with which the State’s violence is ratcheting up.

We know from publicly available information that a disinformation campaign is underway. We have historical evidence that this criminal government engages in false flag attacks. What we see here is a promotion of fear of the government.

But more, there is provocation because the criminals who operate this illegitimate understand they cannot frighten everyone – government needs a crisis and is provoking a civil war. Hence the choice of gun control as their subject matter over other emotionally divisive issues which can never be resolved such as gay marriage or abortion.

Not that it makes a difference to them, but gun owners outnumber government forces by such an order of magnitude that it’s an utter impossibility for the government to overwhelm us, not without resorting to mass effect weapons such as artillery and air strikes, and that’s making a very large assumption that military personnel would actually obey such an order.

It’s a self-defeating strategy, and thus a very dim possibility, because it would sway the last of the government’s supporters against the system, unless of course they were sufficiently outraged at that of which the so called “terrorists” in the patriot movement had been accused. Which is why I keep preaching nonviolence to any who will listen. As Sun Szu wrote: When you are too weak to defend: attack. Which is what we’re witnessing.

America is withdrawing its consent and the criminals can see that and are panicking. The actions of these psychopaths clearly demonstrate frustration and fear. It’s become evident that we’re making progress, and the criminals are scared that if enough of the populace is awakened, the criminals cannot hope to maintain power.

The idea here is to move the Overton Window enough by provoking patriots into a rash action (or failing that, using a false flag attack to blame them anyway) so that the government is now justified in using any violent tactic it chooses to eliminate the patriot movement as a threat to awakening the masses. We can see this on vivid display with the criminal actions of the LAPD to cover up the criminal actions of… the LAPD.

It’s all a psy-op, folks, designed to play the people of this country like suckers. And 99% of you are falling for it.

The masterminds need you to fear them. They need you to stand down on your own because… they cannot control you. All of their power is based on illusion, getting YOU to consent to their governance. The masters of the State amount to no more than a fraction of a percent. Government has never maintained law and order; all society is self regulating – only the people themselves can behave.

By deductive reasoning, many free-market thinkers have arrived at the conclusion at which I have arrived. We see a civil war being provoked to both justify the state, and to distract from the myriad other problems which have undermined the ability of the controllers to divide and distract.

Now, maintain this idea at all times: cops, government employees – these are most always well-meaning and good people. They’re bureaucrats, not the enemy. They’re just chess board pieces to be sacrificed in the name of maintaining the control grid. The real enemy is a collective system which serves at the behest of a spate of impossibly wealthy generational families who own the world’s central banks.

History has proven conclusively that each and every method which has been tried against the money power elite (who own the world) has FAILED. And as the awakening masses come to realize this, it takes more and more state violence under the cover of sumptuary law for the power structure to maintain their control.

[] Elections have not worked. The ballots are rigged.

[] Law suits have not worked. The judges are owned.

[] Protests have not worked. Brutality or indifference renders them moot.

[] Petitions are ignored.

[] Strikes never get enough participants.

[] Opposition movements are quickly co-opted and subverted.

[] Violence is counter productive and actually feeds into the criminal’s plans.

All of these methodologies are promoted as socially acceptable because they’re used to waste the activist’s energies into frustration. We need to wake up and realize we are repeating the insanity by continuing to choose the methods which have repeatedly failed.

We must use the opposite consciousness to solve this problem. We must see the world anew.

Just walk away.

Withdraw your consent.

If the problem is collectivism then the answer is individual action. The elite fear this most, because they cannot predict or control YOU. They can only influence group dynamics… The TEA Party, Occupy Wall St., mass media, the sheeple.

Like quicksand, the more you struggle, the more you will be ensnared. The more you ignore them, the less powerful they become. You cannot organize to fight this evil. Moreover, if you use the tools of evil to defeat it, you will become evil’s replacement. That’s not where the battle is, nor is it what it’s over.

The battle is an infowar, because the battle is for your mind. YOU must yourself be the change you want to see.

Anything else is called a revolution, and where will that leave you? Right back where you started, which is why it’s called a revolution. Systems of psychopaths climbing to power, and cycles of revolutions and new systems of a hierarchical nature where future psychopaths always rise again.

Now, we’re not going to convince enough people of the facts of how the world actually works. Let’s settle that one quick. What I hope to do is reach enough people who are already aware and tell them that knowing is not enough, that preparations aren’t enough.

We need to be ahead of the curve so that the false flag attacks, and psychological warfare being directed against Americans, will have that much less effect. And so far, it seems to be working.

If you are reading this, welcome to the resistance.


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