Jim Carry Says Gun Owners Lives Not Worth Protecting – Gets Moron of the Week Award

In a tweet spewed by the actor Jim Carrey, he stated that anyone that would want to buy an “assault rifle” has little left in their body and soul worth protecting.  How’s that for arrogance?  A man that makes a living pretending to


be something he’s not, because he hasn’t the intellect to learn a real trade, now has the ability to look into other peoples’ bodies and souls and discern, in a God-like fashion, whether they are worthy to protect themselves.  Arrogant much?  This seems to be what happens when the petty little morons of Hollywood start to believe their own press and somehow come to a conclusion that, because they can pretend to be someone important, they really are someone important.  This when he has no idea what the concept of reality is or the reason why the citizens should be armed in at least the same way as our standing army and law enforcement.

Hey, Jimmie, how about we disarm your bodyguards first, then perhaps you can come and ask the People how they feel about you wanting to whittle away at the Second Amendment?  Seen gun sales lately?  I think the People have spoken – LOUDLY.  Perhaps you should quit burying your head in the mainstream media and look to other sources that aren’t a propaganda arm of the Federal Government.  Then you should learn when to quell your tripe.

In summation I say: Go to Hell, Jim Carrey, and take the rest of the worthless Hollywood trolls with you.  None of you have the intellect to tell anyone what to do.  Although your arrogance precedes you, you have nothing to be arrogant about.  We the People have certain rights to which you have no concept of.  It is not up to you or criminal politicians to decide what the People can and cannot do with their rights.

Is this the man that anyone would seriously take advice from?  LOL


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