Government-Paid Trolls Spread Disinformation

It is publicly acknowledged by this criminal government that it’s agents monitor content and spread disinformation on social media like Facebook, Tea Party blogs, Occupy Wall Street message boards and other such. This is accomplished not only via paid operatives but also by electronically 379250_10200351508420800_1675115090_ngenerated robot personalities which the average user logged into Facebook presumes to be a genuine live person. I direct the reader to a video I produced a year ago which documents this and is available on YouTube.

These operatives and bots should not be confused with humans who simply refuse to accept facts or draw logical conclusions which disrupt their worldview.

The contrarian is difficult to discern from the troll who is either a paid operative or a robot personality. The bots typically cannot engage in sophisticated conversation and after the first back



and forth will disengage. You can see this when a real human operative now enters the conversation and is better able to refute your case – they read from a .pdf file of preselected responses. Using similar arguments phrased better or sometimes approaching from a new perspective but always with the answer being more government; they appear to be separate individuals with shared points of view. But make no mistake – you are being ganged up upon.

Facts and logically drawn conclusions are of course pretty irrefutable. The educated and sufficiently motivated person can engage these operatives on even ground if they are moderately skilled debaters. Occasionally one finds the more adept operative and this requires a bit more sophisticated touch. A common tactic of theirs is to provoke argument and frustrate you with large amounts of distracting and frequently nonsensical information. Often these posts contain irrelevant information which is not germane to the discussion but makes the operative appear to the casual reader as well informed.

Failing this, the operatives can insert many bots into a conversation to hijack the thread and steer the discussion onto other related but dissimilar topics, undermining your point. Failing this, the operative and their bots will simply start multiple parallel conversations within your thread.

The idea is to flood the thread and overwhelm, distract and dissuade the casual reader from looking further or at least confuse them. It usually works for the operative but has the unintended benefit of keeping your original post at the top of the message boards. Then again, the typical tactic is to then either flood the board with new threads or resurrect old threads to push yours down.

This is your government doing this to mitigate the effects of the mass awareness that the internet is making possible. The criminals fear your understanding of just what they have done and the true nature of our reality.

Never ever forget that the most important precept of government is that ALL governance is by consent of the governed. Its immaterial how that consent is generated. Therefore everything you see in the controlled media is about maintenance of your consent. The easy access to facts which contradict the official narratives of the corporate media upsets the control grid. The rapid propagation of these ideas is a severe threat and what we see in social media is but one facet of the system’s response to the inevitability of their loss of control.

Which is why we see a provocation toward civil war. History teaches that whenever a power structure has been confronted from within, it starts a war.

Don’t give them the ability to evade accountability for their crimes.

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[…] United States government is publicly acknowledged to have agents monitor content and spread disinformation on social media like Facebook, Tea Party blogs, Occupy Wall Street message boards and other […]