Yahoo! Answers Censors

I recently posted a question on Yahoo Answers to see what kind of answers I would receive and also to test the ability of the public to have some sort of control over potential harassing posters.  What I found was disturbing, but indicative of why Yahoo! has such a small and dwindling market share on all of their endeavors.

I posed the question, ”

Why is it that people are still asleep regarding our criminal government?

Anyone have any theories as to why it is that the criminal behaviors of our government go so unnoticed by so many and people continue to vote the same criminals into office over and over?”

The “best answer” turned out to be, “People usually don’t realize they are dreaming. Your vague accusations make me question how awake you really are.”

It was really an non-answer and was useless. There was no ambiguity in my question, but this poster was allowed to post nonsense and insults without my ability to have any input. Then they closed the question and after they do, there is no way of giving any additional information or input.

A controlled environment that reeks of censorship, government-paid trolls, and disingenuous information. If you want honest information and truthful input, avoid Yahoo! Answers.

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